Tell the truth Thursday!


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I am going to begin this by saying that it might not be every Thursday, but I definitely want to start an open space where I can just tell you all that everything I post on social media or even blog post is the whole story or even a fraction of what raising 5 kids (ages 7 and under) is truly like.  So I wanted to just have a little spot on here to basically tell it like it is (lol).

  • I will start it off by actually saying that I am actually writing this with my 4 month old on my lap due to him being very needy lately (thank you, teething) and always wanting to be with me everywhere! lol!
  • I think my family gets viewed of having to be perfect since we are believers in Christ, but let me tell you.. we are far from it.  While of course we strive to teach the children about the Lord, and listen to a lot of gospel music, let me just tell you that some of the most requested songs around here are not gospel music.  Brielle and the boys most requested songs are “sorry, not sorry” and “juju on that beat”! haha Definitely NOT gospel music!
  • Our two year old Gracelynn (a.k.a) Gracie loves to run around at night after she has taken off all her clothes and say “booty bath” before going to get her towel and hopping in the bath! haha while it’s SO cute and innocent at her age… we REALLY hope she doesn’t do it while we are out in public! haha
  • So after Shane and I decided NO.MORE.ANIMALS and was content with just raising our 1 lab that is already getting up in age.. a black lab showed up, and hasn’t left.  While I did try to search on social media, and called around all the shelters to see if someone was missing a black lab, and did the best I could do to try to find it’s owners, I had no such luck and we have now named him max and he has become a part of the Johnson clan. Shane claims that we just ADOPT everyone (animals included) haha!
  • While I try my best to practice patience with my kids, I do fall short and end up yelling at them at times! I try my best to practice grace with all of my kids, but that doesn’t always happen!
  • If I am ever wearing make-up or half awake out in public.. it’s because my kids were being nice and patient with each other for about 15-30 minutes for me to be able to do so.. MOST of the time I am in sweat pants/no make-up, and a t-shirt!
  • My boys (my adopted sons that are ages 4&7) STILL have accidents in their beds at night every now and again and talk about washing SO.MUCH.LAUNDRY on top of my every day tasks gets to be a handful at times but y’all.. TRAUMA is SO real! So we have really begun to sleep-train, practice water intake, and really work on methods for the boys as of this past month and I can already see such a huge difference!
  • You know those kids that you apologize to the teachers in future advance just because you know the true colors or your kids? Ya.. that would be my two year old little girl! We enrolled her in Mother’s Day Out for the fall, and I have already warned her teacher..haha she is definitely NOT the easiest child of the bunch.. by far! She is so so so fun though so I know she will have a blast in school!
  • I am kind of DREADING summer starting and being with all 5 of my kids 24/7 but I am trying to put into a different perspective and going to cherish so much one on one time that I am able to develop with each of them that I don’t necessarily have now with them in school.

That’s all for today, hope you all know that we are definitely normal over here, and hope I gave y’all a laugh or two if you are having some similarities as us as well! haha!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!

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5 thoughts on “Tell the truth Thursday!

  1. Love this post! If I were to tell a truth…it would be that I’m dreading VBS this year. I always get stuck working it and can’t just drop my kids off. I’m just not looking forward to it this year…guess I’m just burned out by a lot of stuff.

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