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This past week was another busy one, to say the least.  The newest foster baby that we cared for, who is now almost 3 weeks old, had a 2 week hearing last Friday.

His case has been like no others before, since both of his parents wanted to relinquish their rights, right away.  They had made multiple statements that they did not want anything to do with baby boy.

Shane and I were praying that God grow our hearts (and fast) to even consider adding another baby into our family so fast! Babies are so easy to love, care for, and nurture that the love you have for them, is almost immediate.  We knew that if God placed him in our house, and in our hearts, it had to be for a reason.

Shane took off work to attend the hearing with me, and to run a lot of San Antonio errands (including signing off on a case study for our baby girl that is leading us one step closer to being able to adopt her), and I was SO thankful that he was there.

The hearing of course started 1 1/2 hours later than it was scheduled for, and then in 5 minutes, our whole world changed when the Judge ordered for baby boy to be placed with his Grandfather (who showed up to court) even though he has a domestic violence charge 10 years ago. The Judge said that he would be better off with a family member, and that charge is irrelevant since it was so long ago. The Judge wanted baby boy placed with his Grandpa right away, meaning tomorrow is our day to say good-bye to him.

While it never gets easier, especially the unexpected cases, we know this is all part of the process and that God will watch over these sweet babies after they leave our household. There is never a feeling of “regret” or “what if” when it comes to ending our time with these precious foster children because we know that they were well loved, cared for, and cherished while they were in our care, and that’s what matters most.

Tomorrow is also the day that our precious baby girl Rochelle Elaine Johnson entered into this world, and we truly feel that she is the reason for us wanted and longing to help other children in need, and we will be forever grateful for her. I will also be re-posting a lot of my favorite blogs about her journey tomorrow as well, so definitely keep a look out! She would have been turning 3 tomorrow, if she were still here with us.

I will leave you with some cute pictures of baby boy! We have loved every minute with him.


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