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Let’s just say that this has definitely been one of the longest weeks we have had over here in the Johnson household, for a while! (Right now, I have all 4 kids napping (ages 2 weeks old- 4 years) and I have finally found some time to spend on here.

First off, wanted to let all of blogging friends know that we said “yes” to another precious foster baby boy who was only 9 days old at the day he got placed into our home (Last Friday)! After hearing his precious story of maternal drug use, and the fact that he had no family available to care for him, we were definitely not going to say no!

So with that being said, we had to all of the “initial” stuff for baby boy this week such as his first appointment, his first visit with his biological parents, his first visit with CPS, his first WIC appointment, and his first evaluation with ECI. My Step-Dad is currently on a 2 week vacation, so my mom (who is AMAZING btw) took it upon herself to bring her RV to the RV park 8 miles down from us to help with any and everything this past week.  She truly is the best NANA out there! Not only does taking on a new foster child change our lives, but it also changes my parents since they are the ones who help us so much (and they are always willing to love on each and every child that is placed in our home).

This week also included our 18 month old getting her second dose of her flu shot, an evaluation for speech through ECI and meeting with her adoption worker, who will be working with us for the rest of her journey to “officially” becoming a Johnson! We can’t wait!

Also my 3 yr old and 6 yr old foster sons had their dental appointments, and they both for a “B” for their dental reports, which isn’t too bad considering the terrible dental habits they grew up having in previous homes.

This weekend also consists of me working all day tomorrow (while Shane goes and takes the older boys to go do their monthly visit with their older brother) and then on Sunday we are driving down to the Corpus Christi area where we get to see my niece and nephew since we haven’t seen them in so long!

Hoping to end this long week with a great weekend! Oh and only 14 weeks left of this pregnancy!! We cannot wait to meet baby Johnson!!♥♥

I will leave you all with some of the happenings of this week! Hope you all had a fantastic week!


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