2 days old and oh so great!


So yesterday we got a call from our Agency stating that a newborn infant (2 days old to be exact) was needing to be placed due to drug exposure and her other siblings were already in foster care at this time.

We of course said yes, and couldn’t wait to meet her!  She came to us around 9:45pm (when all the kids were already in bed) and we got to hear more about why she was removed and what the plan of care is for reunification at this time with both of her parents.

It was an eventful first night between our 1 year old baby girl and now with her both waking up at different times, but it was oh SO good knowing that we are helping out each of these girls, and restoring them to health before returning back to their parents.

It just feels so good holding a precious newborn again, let me tell you! They are just so innocent, and fragile, and 100% dependent on you.  So amazing how God has placed each one of these precious kids in our house to love on, and comfort and care for in these past 11 months since becoming foster parents.

The children have ALL been so smitten by a new baby girl in the house (especially Brielle), and the older boys can’t wait to come home and love on her some more!

So now we back to the Great 8 number, and we will love on, pray for, and care for baby girl each and every day while she is in our care!

(the baby in the top picture is not our baby girl, but I will leave you with some precious blurred pics of her!)


©2017 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

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