The “good” in goodbye


This little girl in the picture above was our “newest” foster child, making our total turn to 6 kids in the Johnson household.  Call us crazy, we think we are too, lol!

She is wild, bold, and has a very strong personality! She is hilarious when she figures something out, and she LOVED having “older” siblings in the house, since she is an only child with her mom and dad.

This little girl came to us at 21 months old, non-verbal, loved to treated like a “baby”, and with only the clothes on her back, and 1 extra pair from her daycare.  You can never know what to expect with emergency placements such as what they will come with, or what they will need (bottles/diapers/clothing), but we knew we were going to take care of her until her hearing/or until a family member stepped up as a placement opportunity for her to be with her family.

It was an adventure having her here for the last few weeks, she taught us so much more about ourselves and our family dynamics, she taught us to lean on each other more for patience through this trial of parenting six children, and she taught us how to clean up better (had to put ALL food away at times of not eating or else she would scream/beg to be fed

As of today, we had to say goodbye to her, and it’s the “good”bye kinda thing, since she got reunited with her family today! Her Aunt and Uncle stepped up and said they wanted to care for her, and that makes our heart happy! I truly hope she does amazing things with her life!

It was nice getting to know you, precious little girl! Now our family is back down to just the 7 of us!

Thanks to everyone for following along our journey!

©2017 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.



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