Collateral beauty

beauty (1)

After attending this years Haven of Hope (which I still haven’t had time to write about) with the many women who have lost their children entirely too early, and have walked/still walking through this journey of grief, I was so amazed and encouraged by so many of them!

This one mom (Georgia) spoke about collateral beauty and basically finding different ways that God speaks to us after suffering a loss of a love one.  She told us that it’s based on a movie, and that some people may not be ready to watch it, but to “remember the name and the meaning and watch it when they felt the timing was right”.

I went home and bought the movie right away and watched, and absorbed every ounce of the movie, and loved it.

It got me thinking of life, my personal journey, and my future.  It’s amazing to think that God has been with us throughout our “highs” and our “lows”.  That He has used my personal journey to open my eyes and my heart to helping other children that are in need and provide them love, shelter, and a place to call their temporary (or permanent for some) home.

There are only two words that describe the life that we been through, and it’s collateral beauty.  It’s finding God’s grace through the midst of it all, and continually working to better ourselves and our faith daily.  It’s opening our eyes to see things that we may been shielding them from seeing years before.  It’s ministering to those other moms who have had everything taken from them.

Collateral beauty is amazing and can be interpreted in so many different ways, and if you get the chance to watch the movie, definitely do so and let me know what you think.

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