11 months and said dada!!

Of course this post is a day late, because.. well, life has definitely been hectic around here! My eight year old just ended basketball today (and starts baseball tomorrow with my 6 year old) and my three year ended cheerleading! I think Shane and I are already needing a break from all of these sporting events, lol!

Baby girl has made so MUCH growth and improvement over this last month, and I will leave you with all the little details below:

Height: 24.5 inches

Weight: 16 pounds 13oz! (Almost to 17! We will see how much she weighs at the doctors tomorrow)

-To be talked to (she smiles SO BIG if she knows who you are)
-She has still been teething, but the drooling has decreased dramatically!
-To eat, she is getting more baby cereal + baby food at times, and drinks her bottle every 3-4 hours when she is awake.
-To be with people.. she doesn’t like to be left alone.
-To cuddle with Daddy  (and Papa).
-To roll… anywhere and everywhere.

– Cold water touching her body..
– Sitting for too long.  Her hips hurt her too much.

Teeth: No teeth! She literally has the cutest gummy smile!

She said DADA!! On the day she turned 11 months old.. how crazy is that?? So amazing that my mom caught it on video –of course while I was at work! 😦

Milestones: She celebrated her first Valentine’s Day


Family visit (2 hours every week, on Tuesdays)

MD appts: Dev. Specialist for Synergis shots (last one on March 9th), Cardiologist, Pulmonologist

Bi-monthly visits with ECI team

Monthly visits with team (now just legal worker and case worker)

Visit with WIC

Visit with Pulmonologist

I wanted to leave you here with a couple of cute pictures!!

©2017 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

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