Life lately


I cannot believe it’s been 10 days since my last post!

As I was talking to my best friend earlier today, I realized that I have been so busy, that just the thought of blogging, wore me out! So I wanted to give you all (amazing followers) a little update on what’s been going on with my crazy life (as I am writing this it is midnight and I am already counting down the hours until all my kids will be up in the morning, lol)!

-I am still working every other weekend, and every time I go into work it seems like so much has changed/happened and I know a lot more changes will be soon taking place, so that will be interesting to see how that turns out!

-I recently purchased the $199 all access challenge pack with BeachBody and have loved all the workouts I have access to, and best of all I can do it all in the comforts of my home!

-Shane and  I get to go on a “date” tomorrow night, which will be our first date in a lonnnng time!

-Baby girls legal worker is trying to extend the visits with the parents to two hours each week, instead on one and is basically saying that even though it doesn’t work with my schedule with my other kids, I have to agree to it. We are fighting hard against this agreement, and we will see what will happen in the long run! Driving 200+ miles every Tuesday is getting to be a bit ridiculous (and yes he is refusing to meet halfway, or even just 30 mins. closer to me at this time).

-My 3 boys legal team is saying that their biological parents will continue to get visits (unless they test positive during a random drug test) until the next Trial takes place (which is scheduled for March 28th I believe).

-I am setting up a 504 (which is basically is for children who needs a little extra help, or help with any kind of learning disability or just children who are behind in school and are needing to catch up) for my 8 year old foster son, because of his reading comprehension test scores being so low.

**if you have any advice at all to help, I am all ears! I will do anything to help.

-Enrolling my kids in sports is a whole different level! Different practice days, different game times, and having to bring snack for the whole team during our game day is definitely exhausting but I am so glad to see how much my children have grown and matured since the start of the season.

-I made it a point last week, to call at least one of my best friends each day, and it was a success! I talked to them all, and I am so happy to hear what all is going on in each of their lives!

I think that is about all the major things in my life happening right now, and I would love to hear what all you have been up to as well!♥♥ (please leave a comment and I will definitely respond back)

Prayer for myself, my husband, and each one of our precious kiddos would be greatly appreciated!

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