First time for everything

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So as of February 1,2017 we finally have a lawyer!! In the foster care system, foster parents rarely have a voice in what happens in the matter, until you get yourself a lawyer.

You must first wait 6 months (that the foster child has been in your house) before seeking any kind of help from the legal team.  It’s so crazy that it feels like we have been waiting forever in baby girls case to reach the 6 month milestone!

We met with our lawyer for a brief introduction at Cracker Barrell, right next to our CPS office so we could take baby girl to her visit with her parents easily after we met.  Let me just tell you, that he is amazing!  First introductions are very important to me and I am so glad that my parents came with me to meet them as well.

We first started talking about baby girl, all of her medical needs, and really what we expect to get out of this.  Then our lawyer gave a little introduction about himself, and started giving us a little information on what he can do for us, if we have standing (a legitimate case against the biological parents) and answered any questions that we had.

I would say that I am VERY happy that baby girl can know that we are trying everything to be able to one day hopefully adopt her and look back and say to her “you were always worth fighting for”.  Even if all this ends up with us losing her and her returning back to her parents, I would hope that she would have learned what true love feels like, and knows that we will never regret this decision or forget anything about her.

These next few months are going to be interesting (to say the least) but we have been praying, and hoping that God allows us to take care of baby girl the best way we can, and protect her with all that we have.

I will definitely be updating y’all with any major changes in her case! ♥♥

©2017 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.


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