Best and Worst of 2016


1.) A year since Rochelle passed away ❤

This post was so sweet and special to me.. because in just a few days, it will make the 2 year mark since she has passed away. So sweet and special to us!

2.) My beautiful Rhyleigh and her best friend Jade closing one chapter of their life!

I loved taking photos of these sweet girls, and can’t believe it’s almost been a year since these were taken!

3.) Everyone could use these tips during their foster/adopt journey

I wish I would have known these 10 tips before going through a very long home study with so many intimate questions!

4.) Shane and I celebrated our 11 year dating anniversary!

I love the fact that we made it through SO many obstacles and still together after 11 years! We have literally grown up together! ❤

5.)We built a FENCE!

I loved the fact that my parents literally mapped out a plan and made it happen! Shane even got his friends out here to help! So awesome!!

6.)This is the day that forever changed our life!!

This was the day that got licensed!! It was SO crazy and surreal and we couldn’t believe it!

7.) The time our baby girl turned 3..

This was SUCH a great time, because this was the last day as a single child.. We literally got our first foster child the day after!

8.) This is the day we got our BABY GIRL!

I didn’t think our family could be happier, until baby girl joined us and completely melted our hearts!

9.) This is the day that I turned 28.. like WHAT?

Such a funny day, noticing how extremely close I am to being 30!

10.)Such a sad moment for our family!

This post was so hard to write..

11.) I was SO nervous before this happened…

This meeting answered a lot of questions for me, but we still don’t know what to expect…

12.)We thought we would get great news before Christmas..

We were SO hopeful for this Trial.. and when nothing happened.. it definitely set us wayy back! Cheers to something happening in the next Trial on Jan. 23rd!

I LOVED so much about last year, and I am so glad I got to document it! I know it’s so far and few between that I get to actually spend time here anymore.. but with 5 kids.. it’s all about balance! Love each and every one of my readers! Thank you SO MUCH for making 2016 SO great!!

©2017 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

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