The Great Eight!


So it finally occurred to me how close my boys birthdays are, when just TWO days after Christmas, we were caught celebrating yet ANOTHER birthday, in our house! So basically I have come to the conclusion that time really does FLY by and that my boys being 9 days apart will definitely be a problem later on, haha!

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I now have 5 children, but it truly feels like we are celebrating something ALL the time.  A birthday, a “first”, a milestone, and it’s definitely overwhelming to try to stay on top of everything! I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I hope all my kids love that they will have these precious memories to look back on one day!

So back to the birthday boy..  yep he turned 8! And it’s so crazy to me to think that in 10 years he will be considered an adult.. what?? SO much has happened, and will continue to occur with this young man, and I truly hope that everything that has been done, can be helped/fixed in the future.

He is now a whopping 60 pounds and 4 ft 5 in. tall (taken at our house, but his officially MD appointment will be tomorrow).  He is crazy (definitely the wild child of the bunch), has the drive to learn so much, wants to be the best/greatest at every.single.task he does, and he truly can be the greatest young man(when he wants to) 😉

He has definitely put some burdens on our family, but he has also been a huge blessing as well.   What I would want him to remember later on is two things:

(1) Always try your hardest

(2) Always give respect to those giving you respect

I know he will be successful one day and I can’t wait to see that!

Happy birthday to our eldest! I think he would say he had a GREAT day filled with homemade birthday cake, cookies, presents, and LOTS of one on one time! (His favorite thing)!

I will leave you with a few pictures (of course his face has to be blurred due to foster are regulations)!

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @ Journey with the Johnsons. All rights reserved.

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