Not again..


This is the day we were VERY much waiting for! Literally praying, hoping, and calling on God to close one door for these boys so another one can open.

December 13th was  SUPPOSED to be the day that we could move on, towards starting our “forever”.  They had 1 previous visit with their parents about 2 weeks before the Trial, and it went terrible (but more on that, on another day), so we were really hoping for a lot, this day.

Everyone showed up (the ENTIRE team for the boys, the parents, me and my mom, and the CPS caseworker).  Everyone was there, except for one.important.person.

If one person isn’t there on the legal team, then the Judge could make the decision to reconvene at a later day.  Apparently this is NOT rare that a trial gets moved back multiple times.

It was early on, that they noticed that the bio moms lawyer was not in attendance and they started looking for the “why” and where she could possibly be.  Once they found out that the she was summoned into another trial at the EXACT same time as this trial was in session, the Judge decided that it would be in the best interest to re-schedule this Trial for a later date (Jan. 23rd).

It just makes me so irritated how literally we find ways to make sure that all the kids are taken care of, appointments/visitations are being made, school pick-up is going to happen, and then we go to the Trial and absolutely nothing happens.

I even said a prayer in court, but I know now (a few days later) that everything happens in Gods timing.  It’s okay that I don’t agree with how things are in certain situations, but I must realize that I have NO control in this matter.

Shane and I will keep loving these boys, keep protecting them, teaching them, and raising them to be the best they can be.

Thank you for the MANY prayers, excitement/worry from SO many of you.  Your kind words and encouragement keep me fighting each and every day for these boys.

I will definitely not get your hopes up at the next Trial (but will most definitely write a post with the verdict after).

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