1 month since 4 went to 7!

1 month since our family.jpg

Let me tell you… this month has been a bit crazy, chaotic, fun, loving, and so so full!

This past month of changing from a family of 4 with only one foster child, to a family of 7 with four foster children,has been crazy, to say the  least.  It has been an overwhelming mix of emotions for the kids (especially the oldest) and I cannot wait until we have a definitive answer as to when we got to move forward with our adoption of these three precious boys! (And not just go by what CPS has told us)

We had scheduled visits with the bio parents around week 3 of them being with us, and they did not show up due to “not having a ride”, and having to change the trial back 5 weeks due to “not being able to find a ride to the trial” was just crazy.

The oldest of the boys (he is 7)  knows WAY too much about what his parents were doing, why they were all taken from their care, and what they needed to do this past year in order to get them back.  He understands that his parents did not follow the rules, and they won’t be going back.  You guys, it breaks my break that this precious, innocent, 7 year old knows this much about his family.  He is also the one having the most trouble in school, trouble controlling his outbreaks/anger, and trouble overall adjusting to this situation.

The middle child (he is 5) is probably the one who follows the directions the most, helps us with anything/everything we ask of him (he even loves to do chores.. like asks how he can help every night), and is great in school and plays really well with friends/kids his own age.  He is adjusting the best, I would say, out of all three.

The baby of the bunch (he is 2) started calling us mom and dad the first day he met us.  He took a while to get used to listening to Shane (I am not sure about his past with male figures) and he also seemed to take the longest before he would say “please” and “yes, sir” to him.  He is another one that is attached to my hip (if I didn’t already have an 8 month old strapped on me when we are out.. I am sure I would be picking him up).  He uses me as his comfort, but has opened up and gotten more used to more members of the family (he LOVES my Step-Dad and Shane’s Dad).  He of course has his famous “two year old moments” but for the most part, he is pretty laid back.. oh and did I mention he has the most gorgeous eyes? Ya, he does! 🙂

This past month has been nothing short of a blessing.  God has pushed us further then we thought possible with these kids, He has given us grace when we needed it the most, and He has put the right people in our lives, at the right time.

This next month with the boys is going to be hard on everyone (with the termination of rights coming up on the 13th and the last “goodbye visit” happening on the 19th.. is going to be tough for everyone, but we MUST lean on His word and His understanding of this all, and we know we will be able to make it through all of this.

Thank you SO much for the continued prayers for our family.  We don’t know what we would do without the love and support of such a great community around us!

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.



3 thoughts on “1 month since 4 went to 7!

  1. I will be praying for you all, but especially the oldest. Kids are so much smarter than adults give them credit. And it is so heart wrenching to read how much hurt that little guy has in his precious heart. Thank the Lord for you, who will be there to wipe tears and give snuggles. Loving on your family through prayer.

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    1. Thank you SO much, Shoni! 🙂 We definitely appreciate all of your sweet prayers! Please keep following along our journey! ❤


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