Looks who’s eight..months!


Height: 23.5 inches

Weight: 12.5 pounds! ❤

-To be talked to, and she will SMILE to almost anyone (preferably women who talk to her)!
-To chew on her hands, well literally anything and everything she can get her little hands on!
-To eat.  I tried increasing her feedings again, and she’s not quite ready for it! Hopefully soon!
-To watch Mickey Mouse.  Literally, her favorite show!
-To be outside, especially when she’s fussy!
-To be with all of the kids! She loves them so very much!

– Tummy time. The therapist stated that we should be doing it for at least 4 minutes at a time, and baby girl DEFINITELY does not like it! hahah
– Sleep.. she used to take GREAT morning and afternoon naps, and now she is almost weaning the morning one and taking a longer afternoon one.  I definitely am still adjusting to her not sleeping in the mornings!

Teeth: No teeth! Assuming it will be quite some time before we get those in!

She is getting to know the different tones in our voices, and she loves it! She is definitely still communicating through her actions a lot, and babbles, coos, and blows SO many bubbles!

Milestones: She rolled over from belly to back, and she has officially had her first Halloween, and Thanksgiving in the books!


Family visit (1 hour every week, on Tuesdays)

MD appts: Dev. Specialist for Synergis shots (Dec. 14)

Bi-monthly visits with ECI team(They sent a referral to get Physical Therapy started soon)

Monthly visits with team (now just legal worker and case worker)


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