November 7th, was the day we were waiting for, when we agreed to foster-to-adopt our 3 precious boys.  It was the day the court was going to terminate the rights of mom and dad, and start our 6 month adoption process…

Or so we thought.

You see, everyone showed, the lawyers for each of the boys, and the lawyers of the parents, the CPS workers, the CASA workers, my caseworker, many other individuals that have been involved in their 1 year foster care process, and my mom and I.  The thing that amazes me is that everyone took time out of their day to show up.. everyone except for the parents (the mom and dad of the boys).

It was VERY frustrating to us and many others.  The parents called their lawyers about 5 minutes before the Trial started and told them that they weren’t able to make it due to “car trouble in Houston” and they had no way to make it there.  Well, they have been knowing about this date since the boys first hearing after they were removed, so this was a MAJOR day in their court case.

The Judge did not want to continue on without the parents at the hearing, in person, and decided to open the case and suspend it for another five weeks, until Dec. 13th to give the parents another chance to show up in attendance so their cases could be presented to the Judge.

The parents requested an extra visit with the boys this last Friday, since they felt they deserved another visit before the next Trial is set, and so CPS granted it.  Except for the small fact, that their mom cancelled the visit the morning of, and I had to pick up the boys from school Friday (on early release) and tell them that they don’t get to go see their mom because of cancellation issues.  It hurt my heart, to see their hearts hurting.

They won’t willingly relinquish their rights, so we are having to go this route of courts, hearings, trials, and many loopholes in between.

God brought us to this, and He will bring us through this.  We know these boys are placed in our lives for a reason, and we cannot wait to see them grow, mature, and flourish in the near future! They have so much ahead of them!

If the Judge decides to give the boys back to their mom and dad (which is a VERY small chance), we know it’s all in Gods plan. Please keeping praying for us and our sweet family♥

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.



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