Lucky number 3!

3 months with the johnsons (1).jpg

The past 3 months, have completely flown by and I cannot believe on her 3 months with us, we got 3 more children to add to the clan!!

Between the weekly visits with her parents(we have to drive almost 2 hours there and 2 hours back) each Tuesday, to the endless amount of doctors/therapy visits.. she definitely keeps us busy!

She is already loved by SO many, and I seriously can’t believe our precious girl is already 7 months old! It has been just recently that she is losing all of “newborn” tendencies and it’s so amazing to witness the growth in her brain, and also her extremities.  She is such a miracle in every possible way, and we love that we get the honor of sharing life with her and can’t wait to see what the next few months hold for her!

She has really adapted to our home, our environment, our crazy schedule and all of the kids so well, it amazes me.  She is so familiar with “her people” that she will smile SO big when she recognizes a familiar face (it’s the cutest thing, literally).

We still don’t have her sleeping away from us in her own crib in her room yet.. but we definitely foresee that in the near future (since her adjusted age–the age she was actually born at would only be 3 months old, we are waiting until she gets closer to 4-5 months old for the big transition).

She is also still teething.. like major time! Baby girl even ran a high fever for 3-4 days with no other signs/symptoms even sent us on a trip to the ER. Still as of today.. no teeth! Little girl is a drooling/teething machine lately!

Thank you for all the love for the her, for the gifts from people (especially my parents–y’all are amazing) and for all the help each of you have provided in her short life, and all the love you have given not only baby girl, but to all of my children!

Can’t wait to watch baby girl soar and grow into such a big girl soon!
(Update**She officially rolled over front to back for the first time ever on Monday  11/07/16)

Here are some pictures.. which of course I have to blur/black out her face due to foster regulations and rules!




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