The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

I will never forget this day!

lord (1).jpg

This past week has been very trying on Shane and I and I can tell it is affecting Brielle as well, just in a different way.   I wanted to document everything I can remember now on this post so I can look back one day and tell the story of Rochelle’s life to Brielle.
I kept asking God to give me a sign to let Shane and I know when He was going to take our precious daughter to be with Him.  I prayed all night the night on January 6 to the early mornings on January 7th while holding Rochelle’s hand and her precious little face just staring at me knowing that this night may be the last night I will ever get to hold her.  I decided despite all the rules in the hospitals that I needed to hold our baby girl and that she needed to…

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