Lucky number 7!

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SO… so much has happened in the last 2-3 days that I am still trying to comprehend it all! This past Wednesday, Shane received a phone call, that will now forever change our life.  It was his half sister asking if we could be the ones to adopt her 3 boys, because she didn’t want a “random family that she didn’t know” adopting them.

A little backstory is that these boys have had a pretty tough last year.  Their whole entire world was rocked when they were removed from their mom and dad and placed in foster care.  A sweet family took them in, and wanted to adopt them.. well fast forward to October 11th where the family that was supposed to adopt them, all the sudden couldn’t due to them moving and these children were up for a foster-to-adopt home again.  Well, it turns out that they had to the be split up (the older two went with this sweet lady (who instantly was smitten by these two boys) and the baby (two year old) went with another family.  It was a hard for them to understand why they had to be split, but they seemed to try their best.

Fast-forward to this past week, and hearing what all they have been through, we knew without a doubt that we were going to be the people to adopt these boys (our nephews).  The trial is December 6th, and that will decide if and when the final adoption will take place, and what the future looks like for everyone.

A kinship adoption occurs when a relative, family member, or any individual within the extended family adopts the child

Their ages are 7,5, and 2.  They are so precious and handsome and love each other dearly!  We are having our first over-night stay with them this weekend, and then our official placement date is October 31st!

Please pray for our family as we go from a family of 4, to now a family of 7!  Please pray for their mom and dad and the trials and tribulations that have already taken place, and are about to take place in the near future.  Please pray for these sweet, innocent boys.  They will forever need guidance from the Lord, and we will do our best to point them in that direction and lead by example.

20161022_182117(our new family+Shane holding baby girl)

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7 thoughts on “Lucky number 7!

  1. God is Working in yalls lives in Such Wonderful Ways and he will Bless you all So Dearly!!! You and ur Husband are such Strong and Loving People Who Deserve All that God has to Offer… Your Daughter is Going to Love Like no Other bc of All the Love she recieves and how shes Shares it now with these sweet children!!! I Absoublty love reading ur blogs i prob stock ur page waiting for new ones lol i wish ur Family he best Mam!

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