Family Day October 2016

This family day was so so good! It was actually a family weekend for all the kiddos! On Saturday, the kids, my parents, my sister in law, and Shane all went to Family Link (our foster/adoption agency) for a Fall Festival.  They had such a fun time with pumpkin painting, training with the fireman, and a lot of fun for the kids!

After all the cousins spent the night together, they spent Sunday together just cherishing the little things.  The bond between them is unbreakable and after almost 2 months of not seeing each other, they spent so much time just playing, laughing, sharing (and not sharing so well at times, lol) and telling each other everything.  It’s so sweet to watch them grow!!

We started these monthly family visits in honor of our sweet baby Rochelle.  After she passed, we knew the thing she loved the most is to be surrounded by those she loved she most.  It’s so important to be with those you love as much as possible!



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