Welcome to the world Rochelle!!

Since October is pregnancy, infant and child loss awareness month, I wanted to post some of my favorite blogs I wrote of Rochelle and Lamar throughout the month! This one is one of my favorite ones of baby Rochelle! ❤


So as I write this post of Rochelle’s birth let me just start by saying it was the most exhilarating experience of my life, and I wouldn’t change a single thing.
Shane and I were so excited we got no sleep before our appointment Thursday morning at 9:00am knowing that if I had dilated any more then a 4 that my doctor would send me over to Citizens Hospital to have my baby girl and induce my labor, even if I wasn’t having a good labor pattern because he knows my wishes of not wanting to have my baby in my home town! My parents came that morning to our house to watch Brielle, just in case we were sent to the hospital right after our appointment, which we really prayed that, that was the case.
As we headed to the appointment, we said a prayer for a good nurse…

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