Precious fall family photos

I loved our last photo shoot as a family of 3! We couldn’t wait to meet Rochelle!


I said in yesterday’s post that we took our family pictures this past weekend which was also the last weekend that I worked, so to say that we had a very busy day was an understatement! We decided on 1:00pm to meet at our photographers house due to Brielle usually taking her nap anywhere between 2:30-3 and we decided (along with the photographer) quickly that it was not a good time at all to take pictures due to the position of the sun.  I think we still got great pictures and can’t wait to take more when we have a family of 4!
Hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!  Thank you so much Dee Zavadil for the amazing pictures, if you would like her information you can find it on facebook Lucky Shots by Dee or here.

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