Half a year old, already!


Height: 20 inches

Weight: 10 pounds even with our at home pediatric scale

-To smile!
-To spit up… yep, she’s a spit up baby! But I must say in the last month she has gotten tremendously better!
-To be awake! This last month has definitely led to more awake time!
-To suck her thumb!(yes, she will get out of her swaddle to get that right thumb in her mouth!)
-Her swing, she just loves that thing.. and so do we! 🙂
-To take a bath..but the water must be juuuuusst right, or else we will hear it.

– Exercises she is supposed to be doing to help loosen up the muscles
– To be cold.  She loves to be warm/hot and wrapped up all the time.. but let her think she’s cold.. and we will hear it!

Teeth: Still no teeth

None yet.. BUT the babbles have definitely started, and they are OH so cute! Love her cooing noises!


Family visit (every Tuesday this coming up month for 1 hour)

MD appts: Pediatrician(Sept. 29) Dentist (Sept.27)

Monthly visits with team (now just legal worker and case worker)

ECI (early childhood intervention coming now twice a month to work with baby girl)

OT (Occupational therapy) coming out next week to evaluate and decide how many sessions/month they are going to do

Mama and Baby massages will be starting up soon as well, and she qualified for 5 sessions and they are done in the comforts of our home! Can’t wait for that!


(Her face was protected due to her being in CPS care at this time)

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.



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