My picks of the week vol.2


♦What I like about me by Allia Zobel Nolan-This book is all about self-confidence.  While I may not have mastered this issue (even as a 28 year old adult), I wouldn’t want my child thinking any less of herself.  I want her to know that being different and unique is beautiful and that she should embrace that God made her perfect, and that’s all that should matter.wp-image-1541159628jpg.jpg

♦ My very first colors, shapes, sizes, and opposites book by Angela Wilkes- this book is so fun (even though you can tell it is definitely older and the colors have faded a little), and it definitely made for a great learning opportunity.  I love to teach my daughter any way that I can, and this book is all about learning!20160916_085750

♦ Look-Alikes Jr. by Joan Steiner- this book is great to make your children use their imagination and see what kinds of things they can see, when they just look closely enough.  It’s very interactive with your kids (ask them to find the objects that are similar to what they are describing) and my daughter loved it.20160916_085759

♦ It’s Pumpkin Time by Zoe Hall-this book describes the entire process of pumpkin making with cute illustrations and a fun story line.  Definitely a seasonal book, but my daughter keeps asking me when “it’s pumpkin time” so this was the perfect book for her!20160916_125151

♦ Olivia and the fairy princesses by Ian Falconer- this book is part of a series of things that little Olivia goes through in her life.  This book describes the fact that Olivia wants to just be original and doesn’t like when all of the other girls hop on the wanting to be a princess bandwagon.  She describes all the different ways she shows that she is still original, despite the many followers she knows in her life.  Great message for young girls.20160916_125144

♦ Get Moving by Gail Saunders- this moving is in both English and Spanish. I am always wanting my daughter to learn a different language, and be able to use them in life.  Spanish is definitely not easy for me to learn, and I really understand when you speak really slow to me so I can try to put a few words together, so that is what I am trying to teach Brielle as well.  I love the fact that children are such sponges and I am just amazed at how much she already understands!  This book is all about the importance of exercise and activities and it is definitely interactive with the kids! 20160916_125157

I hope you enjoy these books! What are your favorite books for toddlers to read? I would love to hear!

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