To the person…

To the person who killed my dog,

I want you to know a little something about her.

She wasn’t just a country dog,

she was my three year olds best friend.

She was my first rescue from an animal shelter,

she learned sign language, commands and many tricks.

She was everything to our family,

she has been there through all of our ups and downs.

Maddie was a sister to our brown lab Toby,

and our tomcat, Oscar.

She was the leader of the pack,

and she will be forever missed.

We hope and pray that the person,

who ran over our dog, right in own driveway.

We hope it was an accident, a mistake,

and won’t ever happen again.

We hope that she passed away quickly,

without any pain or discomfort.

May you R.I.P sweet Maddie Johnson


12 thoughts on “To the person…

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. There are so many cruel people in this world that do such cruel things to animals like neighbors poisoning other neighbors’ pets, policemen leaving their K9 Officers in hot cars leading to their death, police shooting civilians’ dogs for no reason at all, etc. I hope this world changes soon for the better for animals.

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