(Almost) 3 months with the Johnsons


To say this journey has been easy, the last three months of our lives, would be a lie.  We went from having to take care of one child, to three, in the matter of 6 weeks.  It was crazy, overwhelming at times, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t picture our life without these precious foster children.

It’s insane, how you can create such a bond with a child you don’t even know.  Not only are the children transitioning into your home, you are transitioning your home to be able to properly care for these children.

During little mans journey with us, he has made so many leaps and bounds, in almost all areas of his little life.  He came to us practically non-verbal, not walking (and he was already 14 months old), and screamed/cried to communicate ALL of his wants/needs (because that was the only way he knew how).  And while he still scream/cry, it’s WAY less, and if you ask him what he wants, he now is able to either sign to you, or show you (if the object is out).

He kept us on our toes, for sure.  He would put everything in his mouth (to this day, I still say he is teething.. even 3 months later), he would understand everything you tell him (majority of the time) and would look at you and continue to do it.  He taught us how to be observant of him, at all times (even with three kids).

When you are a child, and you have been separated from everything you knew, and don’t come with anything, you have to make sure that child  has a safe place (a special area, besides the bedroom) that is just theirs.  We let him know that his toys are just his in our house, and if he wanted to share he could (and when he wanted to share with Brielle, he certainly did, so they could have fun playing together). He is also going home with his favorite toys from our house so that he will continue to grow and prosper, and use his imagination.

His case didn’t lead the way we hoped and anticipated it would (reunification with mom and dad), but we know God has him in His hands, and will continue to watch over him each and every day. We hope and pray that the aunt leads him down the right path, and helps him continue to gain independence, grow in his knowledge and skills, and just to live the life he deserves to life.

At 11:00AM today, he will be getting picked up by CPS and being removed from our house, with all of his stuff that we have accumulated over time, sweet cards thanking him for allowing us to take care of him, and a photo book of his time spent with us. We cherished the time he was with us, but we know and understand, it’s time for him to head a different way, and start a new chapter in his life.

Please pray for a good transition for this sweet boy and for our family.kidswalking


©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.



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