Why I am not..


So ever since the current DON (Director of Nursing) at the facility that I work at announced that she was quitting, I have had multiple (At least 5 a day) people come up to me and ask me why I am not going to fill the position.

Let me just say, first and foremost I was not asked to fill the position (probably because I have literally turned down every full time job offer they have ever asked of me).

  1. I started taking DON classes about 3 years ago, in hopes of becoming a DON and take over the facility once I finished classes, if the position came open. Well, turns out it was almost handed to the one that was chosen (the boss’ daughter got the job) and when she sat down both of us to tell us she was quitting.. it was almost automatic that she would get the job. So therefore, I quit going to classes and just enjoyed my pregnancy and the season that I was in.
  2. You have to be on call, practically 24/7.  You are the person that runs the nursing department in the facility (75% of the facility), so your availability is very important.  That, I could not do.
  3. The money would be great (in class they said it was close to 6 figures), but the amount of time you are actually working versus how much you get paid.. I am not sure that it evens out first and foremost, and secondly.. money doesn’t buy happiness.
  4. Family is the NUMBER ONE thing in my life.. not my job. Ever.  So if that means I have to put my children in daycare for them to be raised by strangers, then I will pass(by the way, not judging the millions of mom’s who have too, I completely understand).  I love spending every day at home with them during the week, and working weekends, and I am not ready to give that up.
  5. I love the staff, and I love doing treatments on the weekends and being in charge, but I honestly would never want that to be ruined by moving up.  I am so close with everyone, and I couldn’t imagine having to buckle down and suspend one of them, or even worse.. having to fire them.
  6. The management is just a story in itself.  I feel like the former DON built her team, based on what she thinks would work for her.. and I am not sure I agree with all of the team, and I am not sure if I would want to honestly work day in and day out with them.. five days a week, every week.
  7. When you are in foster care, you have weekly visits with the family.  Yes, I could make a way for them to be scheduled at different hours, but honestly.. we have it all worked out and going so smoothly, that I couldn’t imagine them changing everything with both families.. just to fit my work schedule.
  8. I love my husband, and would always want to do the best for us.. but honestly having to change so much, which in turn, may cause him to work extra (if we were putting 3 in daycare), I just couldn’t do. If the day ever comes, the kids are older and in school.. then we may visit the situation again.
  9. Family help.  We live in Yoakum, surrounded all by Shane’s family.. but everyone still works, but his Dad.  Let’s just say… his Dad isn’t the one who is going to voluntarily watch 3 kids, 3 and under, while Shane and I work day in and day out, so basically since my parents have flexible schedules, they can only help out so much.
  10. Missing the little things in life.  I would not want  my job to take me away from Bible study every week, or church on Sundays (in the instance that I would get called in), or the many milestones that I would miss, and I am a person who likes to remember the little things on film, so we can go back one day and remember to smile in the midst of all the chaos.


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