Look who’s 16 months!

16 months

Height: 28 inches

Weight: 20lb 10 oz. (home scale)

-Food (still loves it!)
-His paci’s.. all 10 of them.. I swear I find a paci somewhere new around the house, every day!
-Loves to sleep, Thank you Jesus one of our kids do!
-to throw balls
-To play peek-a-boo
-To scream.. like ALL the time!
-To get into everything

– car rides
– being told no, or trying to redirect him when he is insistent on getting what he wants.

Teeth: 8 teeth, 4 top, and 4 bottom! No new teeth yet.. only a LOT of teething going on!

Signing- Trying to work on milk, eat, more, please, and thank-you, play, potty, poop
Words- Mama, Daddy, Baby, beeee(for Brielle), Ball, Ma (for milk)
Understanding- A LOT.. he is so smart at times with understanding.. and other times it’s like talking to a brick wall.. I am thinking it’s genetic with men! lol!

**We are not able to post any pictures of him that will show his face, or any specific information about him (name, date or birth, etc), but I will leave you with some cute pics that are blurry in his face!





©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.


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