2 months!



On this day, two months ago, Shane and I took a leap of faith and followed what God has finally called us to do.  Foster/Adopt a child.   He was brought to us the day after Brielle turned 3 and it has definitely been a whirlwind ever since!

I used to say “time flies” all the time for Brielle when she was growing up and it feels like that is all we same for him as well! He literally came to us at 14 months non-verbal, not able to walk, and just overall developmentally delayed.  He has come SO FAR is such a short amount of time and even started calling us mommy and daddy (he hears Brielle do the same) and we are just amazed at how much he can verbalize now!  He also has started this little crooked run when he thinks we are playing hide and seek/chasing each other.  It’s beyond precious and it’s so unique just for him!

He had his 60 day hearing Aug. 11th and that was a very interesting hearing to determine where the court system thinks he should be placed/is any family members have stepped up and shown interest in wanting him placed with them.  Well, turns out an aunt (of course, always an aunt, right?) stepped up and now little mans legal worker has to submit a home study on the aunt to see if she has a clean background/place to live to be able to provide for him.  We won’t know anything more, until after that is completed.  Something was said in the hearing that did really bother me though.. the lawyer stood up and asked the legal worker if “the foster family is becoming too attached too quickly”, and he said yes.. then she proceeded to move up the home study date to be completed within 2 weeks, in hopes that he is removed from our house and reunified with his family.

THIS right here.. is why the system is crazy!  We will forever continue to show him the same love, affection, and protection as we do with Brielle.  He is in our care at this time and we are going to do the best we can to make sure that he succeeds and he gains confidence and independence, so that one day he will be able to contribute to society, instead of following in mom and dads footsteps.

He will do amazing things in this life, and we just hope the little bit of time that we do have with him, sticks, and he knows what real love and affection is.

Cheers to two months with the Johnsons, little man!!


(I REALLY wish I could show y’all his precious and adorable smile! He is SO photogenic)

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