Basic Invite, anyone?

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Every year, I am always looking for that one stop shop to where I order the “perfect” birthday card for Brielle.  I usually end up just settling for something, instead of really get what I am looking for.

I finally found the perfect solution–Basic Invite.  This shop is seriously amazing.  They recently added a stationary line, and I couldn’t wait to get started with my order!  Because we don’t have any major events coming up, I ordered some cards that could work with us and with some of our friends that are expecting!

This shop offers a card for every type of occasion from:

  • baby showers
  • births/welcome new baby
  • weddings
  • announcements
  • graduation
  • holidays
  • birthdays…and many more!

Their cards are easy to choose, easy to customize, order, and have it delivered right to your door.  I would definitely suggest that everyone at least try purchasing one card, and let me know if you like/love it! They did not disappoint me at all with their colors, patterns, and multiple options for customization.



(The reason why I blurred the information is because I do not want to give away personal information)

The cards are the perfect size, with envelopes that fit with the different shape/sizes of the cards. They are very strong, sturdy, and durable made with great quality that will last a lifetime!

I love Basic Invite and I am so glad we teamed up together and I got some amazing invitations/cards for our family and our friends!

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