Baby girl,4 months old!

four months

Height: 19.5 inches

Weight: 7pounds 9 oz. with clothes on

-To be snuggled and held
-Her paci from the hospital (we bought more just in case we ever lose those precious green ones!)
-To be awake at night, it’s seriously amazing how awake she is at night
-To be loved and held by Brielle and little man! She loves to hear them talk to her.
-To rock in her swing. So so precious!
-To be warm (loves skin to skin)

– Taking a bath.
– Taking her multivitamin medicine every day

Teeth: No teeth!

None but I have started to sign milk when she is drinking her bottle, and talk to her constantly.  She makes the most hilarious facial expressions so I know she can hear us talking and she’s just taking it all in.


1st visit with her Mom and Dad tomorrow 8/2

MD appts: Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist,Pulmonologist, Pediatrician all this month

Meeting up with caseworker, legal worker, and all of the people who make up her team.

**We are not able to post any pictures of him that will show her face, or any specific information about him (name, date or birth, etc).

BUT, I will leave you with some adorable pics I got of her! (she actually turned 4 months on July 25th, but since we were placed with her on the 28th, I am just now doing her update)



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