SURPRISE, this makes 5!

baby girl

Last week, we got a call (during my gym class) about a preemie baby girl that was born 1 lb. 3 oz, but is now 4 mo. old and is ready to be released home from the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).  They also stated that this was looking in the direction of possible adoption, if the court agrees with everything that CPS has found out.

I, of course, did NOT hesitate one bit, and said YES, please submit our home study!  Well, turns out, we found out the next morning that we were selected as baby girls foster/adoptive parents, and were SO excited!! We actually drove to San Antonio and met with her that day and then was told that either me or my husband had to do an overnight stay at the hospital Friday night in order to be able to leave with her.

Friday night came quick, and my mom and I spent the night, while Shane took the kids to the coast to go fishing with some friends.  It was hilarious because baby girl must have known that she was finally released from the NICU and moved to a regular room with no monitors, because she was up practically the whole night.  It was so cute to see her personality shine already, and get to know who she is and learn all her little quirks.

The nurses that took care of her, quickly became her family.  She was officially in the NICU for 128 days.  It was so sweet to meet all of the amazing team that kept her alive and thriving, and to see God work through their amazing skills.  She was so tiny when she entered this world, and we got to take home a healthy little girl (with a few problems that I will get to on another post)!

We couldn’t be more happier to be fostering two children and having our own biological child as well! We officially have 3 under 3 and our hands and our hearts are SO full.

Thank you so much for everyone following along our journey and helping in any way that you can. We love and appreciate you all.

Please continue to pray for little mans family and baby girls family as they go through these tough times without their children, and pray that they turn their lives around and lean towards Christ for their answers.


The Johnsons

P.S  Here is a sneak peak of baby girl!


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11 thoughts on “SURPRISE, this makes 5!

  1. I Absoubtly Love Rearing ur Post Mam and Im Soo Beyond Happy for your Family You are a Strong and Beautiful Mother and i Wish ur Family Nothing but the Best!


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