15 months!!

15 months old

Height: 27 in.

Weight: 19.05 pounds

-Food (even though this last month he has became way more particular about what foods he prefers
-His nuk paci’s, but we are using them WAY less!
-Loves to sleep. (can I get an amen? Brielle still doesn’t.)
-Balls (and he can say it now, yay!)
-To Sign what he wants (yay!)
-Animals.  He is so intrigued by them!)
-Chewing on anything/everything! Hello, teething!

– long car rides
– getting things taken out of his hands/mouth when he will literally put any and everything in his mouth.

Teeth: 8 teeth, 4 top, and 4 bottom! I saw a little white bud in the bottom left and I cannot wait for them to break in!

Signing- Ok, let me just tell you how smart this little boy is! He has learned how to sign milk, eat, more, all done, and thank you.  JUST after really teaching him for 2 full days. Amazing!  Of course consistency is key and having Brielle sign as well to show him by example is definitely helpful!
Words- Ball, Mama, Daddy, Tries to say milk “ma”, hi, bye-bye, and trying to say so  much more!
Understanding- He is such a smart little cutie, and picks up on everything so fast!

Milestones-he is now walking!! He wasn’t able to walk and would absolutely refuse to put his feet down on the floor when he first came with us, and has made so many strides! We are beyond proud of him! And since he started signing more, he is screaming at the top of his lungs for what he wants, WAY less, hallelujah!





**I have to blur his face in order to protect his safety and privacy! Love this little guy!

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

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