One Month Fostering



Can you believe that we have been fostering our little man for a month  now?  It has seriously FLOWN by!

We so encourage others to do the same, to help children out while their parents figure out how to better their lives and how to parent correctly.  It can be for a short amount of time, or they can turn into your adopted child and make it a forever option for these precious kiddos.  Our lives just feel more complete.  It’s amazing what listening to God and opening our hearts and our doors to do this, will do to you.

This past month has had some difficulties with his parents (can’t go into detail), but we hope and pray every single night for them to realize the importance of this time away from him and cherish every moment they get with him, even more.

We celebrated today by going to on a impromptu trip 70 miles away to Austin, Texas! It was so fun to go to the children’s museum with my best friend and just enjoy my two littles!  Also, to go out to eat lunch and just catch up on some girl talk is always fun too!

I will be doing his 15 month update with all of the amazing things he has learned from being with us and around so many loved ones.  It’s amazing what tender loving care can do to a person!

Hope you enjoyed some cute pictures!!

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