A lot more “firsts”this Friday

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This Friday has come and finally for the first time in a LONG time, I have the entire weekend off work! Hooray!

Our foster child had a lot more “firsts” this week and I am SO glad to see him make so many strides since he has been with us!

  1. He walked for the first time, 4 steps in a row! YAY! He still isn’t too fond of it, and finds it more of a hassle more than anything, but we have high hopes for him! Can’t wait to watch him go everywhere in a few weeks!
  2. He went in a swimming pool for the first time yesterday! He looks SO cute, and I wish I could post all of the pics! He literally found it SO  much fun to splash everywhere.  Adorable!
  3. He has his first home visit with his parents today (YAY!) so happy he gets to see them! I am sure he misses them so much!
  4. He also had his first incident with Brielle.. unfortunately she wasn’t happy when Daddy told her no when she asked if she could give little man a hug and scratched little man in the face! Poor guy!
  5. We found out the foods that he doesn’t really like, but that he fits right on with us with his love for sweets! He ate his first cake and cupcake yesterday and couldn’t get ENOUGH! It was hilarious.

(I wish I could post all of the fun pictures that go along with us, but as per the rules of the system, I can’t but just trust me when I say he.is.adorable)!

I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!

Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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