14 months!

14 months old (1)

I remember I did monthly updates for Brielle, and I figured why not do it for our little munchkin as well! He turned 14 months old just 3 days after he came into our home, so since we are on day 6 of having him, we will share everything that we know! 🙂

Height: N/A Will go to the Doctor July 5th to get an exact measurement

Weight: 20lb 2oz. (with clothes on)

-Food (he gets SO excited about any kind of food, but has let us know what he doesn’t like by spitting it ALL out! lol)
-His nuk paci’s, especially when he is tired/fussy.
-Loves to sleep. Seriously the best.sleeper.ever! So thankful and blessed for this!
-LOVES to play with other kiddos (especially Brielle)
-To play, learning all types of fun new toys and games at our house!
-Our animals.  He has seriously fallen in love with them already! And he is SO gentle!
-Making a ton of noise.  He loves to be vocal and gets so excited when you talk to him!

– car rides when he is tired.  Will throw cup of milk+paci any time.
– When someone doesn’t give him what he wants, at that VERY moment.

Teeth: 8 teeth, 4 top, and 4 bottom! He is teething pretty bad right now, so more are definitely coming in!

Signing- Trying to work on milk, eat, more, please, and thank-you right now. He is pretty good at signing so far!
Words- No words at this time.  Just a LOT of screeching. Hopefully more coming soon after he starts signing!
Understanding- Honestly everything you say to him, he pretty much understands. He will even yell back when you say “please get off that”, so I know he understands a lot!

**We are not able to post any pictures of him that will show his face, or any specific information about him (name, date or birth, etc).

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