Lucky number Ten!


Our foster journey has been nothing short of eventful.  When we first were praying and were called to do this, God put it in our heart to reach out and call an adoption agency to see what we needed to do to get started.

Little did we know, that through MANY tests, training, certifications,  and switching agencies, we were finally licensed June 9,2016.  We didn’t know when we were going to get “the call” for our first placement, but we did know that it probably wouldn’t take that long since there are unfortunately so  many foster children in the system, just in Texas, right now.

What we thought was going to happen was that they would call us and ask if we accept the information given for a child, and then we will get the child.  Nope, they call and ask us if we accept (apparently they do this to MANY families at the same time) and then submit our home study to the agency, and then they choose (I’m assuming) which family would be the best fit the child!

Well, the phone call finally came  (what we call, our lucky number ten), and for some reason, I had almost just mentally put myself in a place where I knew not to get excited anymore for something that may not happen.  It wasn’t until literally less than ten minutes after asking me if we would accept, that she called back and said they chose us for a little baby boy (well technically he is over 1, so not a baby.. but you get it)!

He arrived to our house around 6:45pm the day after Brielle turned 3, and it has been a whirlwind of a week, with hopefully a very relaxing week coming up this week!  He came to us with very little supplies, and so with a lot of clothes shopping, donations, and grocery shopping, we have made it, and we thank God for providing us with such giving friends and family and can’t wait to see this little boy prosper and grow in Gods grace!

Please pray for his family (specifically his parents) to have the strength, endurance and patience to get the help they need, so that this precious, happy boy can return home to them.  Pray for our strength, wisdom, and grace to give everything we can to him and Brielle and show how much love we can give.

Thank you everyone for following along!


©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

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