And with that…she is 3!!

This past week Brielle got to celebrate turning 3 and getting a NEW friend (our foster child) in the same week! To say it was eventful, is an understatement.  On the day of her birthday, we spent time with family and friends and went out to eat and had the best time with those that we love.  Friday, she went to Corpus Christi to spend the night with my parents at the ocean (got to go on a sailboat, on a regular boat to look for dolphins,go swimming in the pool, and got to pick up her cousins and bring them back home to our house) and then celebrate her birthday here at home yesterday.  Whew!  This little girl turning 3 means so much to Shane and I, and we are beyond blessed and thankful for ALL of our friends and family who called, sent us a text message, bought her gifts, and donated to our adoption agency! We love you all!

delicious cake balls!
Best cousins!
photo booth time!
make your own goodie bags!
so happy with her balloons
she is 3!
So big!!



our little love!

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day (post will be coming soon)!!

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