We are done!!

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Well, hey everyone! It has been pretty stressful over here at the Johnsons lately, as we were preparing for our home study, then having our home study, and checking off the last 3 things off our list (did two of them yesterday) that we need to complete before all of our paperwork officially gets entered in the system and we become LICENSED foster/adoptive parents (hopefully Monday)!! It’s so amazing that this journey has caused us to look deeper into our marriage, friends, family, and all of the relationships in between. I will share about our week, and hope y’all do as well!

∗ My week started off recovering from the eventful weekend we had loving on our family/friends! There really is no better thing (except maybe not waking up at 6:45am Monday morning) in the world, than spending times with those you love.

∗I overslept Wednesday morning and barely made it to work at the gym on time. Literally only a couple of minutes late, NOT bad for getting both Brielle and I ready in 7 minutes flat. Score!

∗ Our home study went better than ever, and we are SO glad/blessed/happy that we switched from CPS based out of San Antonio, to FamilyLink in Gonzales. Seriously best decision ever! As you can read from above, hopefully next week we will be licensed foster to adopt parents!!

∗Today is my niece’s (Rhyleigh) graduation, and I cannot WAIT until I see her walk across the stage, receive her diploma and celebrate her graduation Saturday night.  I am beyond proud of her, and the person she has become.  Follow along my social media platforms (facebook, twitter, snapchat) to see some gorgeous pictures I took of her!

∗ Best for last–Shane is turning 29 next week and we are celebrating his birthday Sunday since everyone has Memorial Day off! I cannot believe he will be 29, and the fact that I met him when he was 18.  Such a baby compared to now, and I am so glad that we have literally grown up together, in many aspects of life, and that we get to celebrate another birthday/holiday together! I Love you babe!

I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!

Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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