Hey Friday! Nice to see you!

Why does Friday seem to come so quickly every week? I feel like I want to accomplish so much during the week, but I only end up conquering about 3/4 of what I intended on. 🙂
This week was contained some highs and some lows!

●First off, Brielle had gotten what I had over the weekend and she took a turn for the worst Monday morning, with her fever spiking up so high (close to 102) and I decided it was time to take her in to the doc! She did amazingly well (like I was shocked that my daughter sat so well and let them assess her), so I treated her with some delicious frozen yogurt at Cherry Berry in Victoria, Tx. Oh and by the way.. she HATES her antibiotic with a passion and I can’t wait until her 10 days are complete!
●Well, just when I thought we were on the mends of this whole illness, she was coughing up SO much that she threw up phlegm ALL over my left arm.. I called for back-up and thankfully Shane was on his lunch break and came to the rescue and washed her up so I could clean myself up(also, it hasn’t happened since and she felt so much better getting it all out)!
●I found out that we are SO close to finishing all of our required paperwork for our adoption process and we should be hearing back sometime next week to schedule another home study with our new agency (FamilyLink). We are hoping and praying that we will have the opportunity to foster/adopt this month!♡♡
●After not working out last week(due to both me and brielle being sick) and then picking it back up this week… I can definitely say that I get SO hungry after I workout. Like, insanely hungry! Does this happen to anyone else?
● I missed Bible Study this week on accident (was caught up having too much fun with Brielle and Shane fishing) and I just felt like a piece of my heart was there. I have really seen that when I pray more intentionally and specific, I see God making a path for those who need Him the most, and I pray so hard over my loved ones. Shane and I realize that whatever we are going through, someone has it worse, but knowing that we are able to receive His goodness, feels so good!

Here are a few pictures from the week:

Feliz Cinco de Mayo
praying over my sweet, sweet girl!
Baby birds.. seriously how cute?
First time to do french braids!
Did you catch my stickerkid post? So cute!

I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!

Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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