Can’t believe it’s Friday!


This week has been a very long week and we didn’t even do much!

  1. Last Saturday, I started to get sick after I had worked an 8.5 shift and then taking my niece and her friends pictures, pretty quickly.  I started to feel weak all over, fever, and immediately thought I was getting the flu.  After I woke up Sunday and felt a lot better and went to work, I decided I was just coming down with an upper respiratory infection.  Let’s just say.. It’s Friday and I am still not 100%! Bad thing is, now I think Brielle is coming down with it.. ugh!
  2. I have worked 2 night shifts this week and I learned something major! I sleep WAY better during the day then I ever do at night! Thank you so much Mom and Mike for watching Brielle and making it possible to get such good sleep (my mom thinks it could be that the house is quiet and there is no one to worry about–which could definitely be true)!
  3. Brielle has grown such a  wealth of knowledge and experience with life.. and she is not even 3!  Her memory is amazing, and I just want to remember so much in her life, that I have started adding more videos of her learning and growth on my YouTube channel.
  4. Tomorrow we are taking our last class with this  foster/adoption process, before we schedule for another home study with our new agency! I am hoping MAY is the month that we get our child!  Please continue praying for our future child to be placed in our hands and that we are able to shower them with  so much love and goodness!
  5. We are ALSO vacationing at the beach this weekend and I can’t wait for Family day!! Our April day got rained out and we are BEYOND excited to just get away!! Rockport, we are so ready for you! (Many pictures to come!)

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I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!

Happy FRIDAY!! Hope everyone had a great week!

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