Crunch the numbers–Simply 100

I LOVE to work out and even though I don’t eat right ALL the time, I am constantly trying to make small changes to my eating.

Some of my favorite things to eat lately are greek yogurt, a lot of fruit and vegetables, and oatmeal.  When I found out that Chobani offers 100 calorie yogurt with all of my favorite foods in one cup, I was beyond excited!

My favorite flavor has got to me the strawberry banana greek yogurt, but I cannot wait to try more flavors!


Do you know how easy it is to burn 100 calories?  So easy, yet so effective!

For example here is a list for 3 workouts that burn 100 calories!

  • running 1 mile at 6mph
  • Just getting on the Elliptical for 8-10 minutes
  • Doing a cardio class for 15 minutes

Please head on over to see more products at the  chobani website!

How will you #crunchthenumbers today and burn 100 calories?

**I did not receive any free products or get paid to write a post about this product.

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6 thoughts on “Crunch the numbers–Simply 100

  1. I love greek yogurt too. I don’t really count calories at all, though. When I lost weight, it was 100% diet with no exercise. I used an app called DietPoint and I just ate the meals from the options I chose. These days, I run 20 minutes, though. I like to run.

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    1. I am definitely going to look into that app! Running 20 minutes is amazing! I think the most I ever ran was 2 miles, and I really loved the way it made me push my mind and body more than ever before! Keep up the running! 🙂

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  2. Definitely with the cardio…I used to put so much on myself to do that I would give up and lose my schedule…but now I know its one day at a time…every step matters. I love yogurt in general but chobani is a yummy kind indeed.

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