10 things before bed!


When Brielle is going to bed, it used to take forever! Now we have gotten it down(of course after bath is done) to about 5-10 minutes! This 10 on Tuesday, I going to list 10 things Brielle must do before she does to bed.. or else our night routine will not be fun!

Ο  Of course she must take a bath /shower

Ο  Right when she gets out of the bath/shower we play for a couple of minutes and then wind down

Ο She loves to put on her own pull-up/underwear now

Ο Jammies-  She hasn’t gotten to wear she chooses her jammies yet, which we always have layed out for her to put on when she gets out of the bath/shower

Ο  Read books which usually consists of 1-3 books depending on how much time we have

Ο She loves for me to brush her hair and leave it wet and down before bed

Ο Brush teeth (she tries to do this on her own and then either Shane or myself will follow behind her and brush really good)

Ο She plays this game with Shane every night when she turns on all the lights near her room

Ο  I then pick her up and go to her bed to say our nightly prayers with Shane

Ο I then tuck into bed and give her a big kiss and hug and she says “I love you to the moon and stars” and I say “I love you to the moon and back” and close the door, and she goes straight to sleep.


I am linking up with Karli from Sept. Farm for today!

15 thoughts on “10 things before bed!

  1. Bedtime can be a beating! It sounds like you have it down! Kids always do better with a routine anyway. I need to get better at out night time routine. By the way, Brielle is a beautiful name…and she’s a cutie, too! Have a great day!

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    1. Routine has always saved us with raising her! Sometimes.. breaking them can be hard when you just want to stay late hanging out with friends/family, but for the most part is has been our saving grace! Thanks Emily! 🙂


  2. Oh, how I remember these days with little ones! Thank you for this glimpse into your real life…I love it! So glad we were able to connect today via 10 on Tuesday!

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  3. I love that she has a routine before bed each night! I think kids do so much better with a routine because they know what to expect each time!

    ps – thanks for stopping by my blog. I couldn’t respond to your comment because it came through as a no-reply comment. May I have your email address?

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  4. This is so sweet. Lately my 2 year old has been hard to wind down for bedtime and he’s starting to ask for anything he can think of (books, water) to not have to go to bed yet. I have to say, when he asks for a book, I can’t help but keep him up reading to him past his bed time.

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