Family Day March 2016


Today, was definitely not a planned day to the tee, like our usual monthly meetups are.  Shane and I were suppose to get our fencing in from Lowes today (we are putting a fence around the front of the yard for the foster/adoption rules/regulations) and of course Lowes forgot some pieces and so we couldn’t complete it today (But that was our intent–to spend today as a family building our fence).

Instead, we spent time with the kids playing (the kids played SO much), and just loving each others company.  My parents and my Aunt Sylvia came down from Lockhart and my brother, his wife, and their kids came down from Austin.

I thought I was completely insane to have a family day, on a day that I was coming back from such an emotional womens retreat (Haven of Hope), but that was exactly what I/we needed.  God knew I needed to be around those who love me unconditionally, and those who have walked this journey with me, and I loved every minute of it.

We went and bought Easter eggs/candy/baskets for the kids and let them have at it! They loved every minute of it and I couldn’t believe only a few hours with them, would fill my heart so much.

In loving honor of my children, here are the family photos from today:


©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.

16 thoughts on “Family Day March 2016

  1. These are gorgeous pictures.

    Aren’t those days the best? When I am spending the day with my family, especially when we get to be outdoors on a beautiful day, those are the moments I feel the most blessed.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us and for sharing your pictures for us to admire.

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  2. Be still my heart! Your kids are precious. Family time is so important. We don’t have any family nearby. I didn’t realize how important that time was until I moved away to another state and wasn’t able to see my siblings or aging parents as often. Glad yours got to come in town for the festivities!

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    1. aww thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!! At least technology now a days can help you feel like you didn’t miss too much in your loved one lives.♡♡

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  3. I absolutely love this! It seems that the best days with my boys are unplanned as well. I am really enjoying your blog, do you have any recommended posts a newbie to your blog should start with?

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    1. thank you for your sweet comment and stopping by!! I would really suggest picking something to do consistently one day a week, every week so bloggers/readers can know what to expect.


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