10 tips for your home study


We just had our home study this past Saturday for our foster/adoption process, and I definitely have some helpful tips to share with everyone, that I SO wish me and my husband had prior to the 3 hour session.

  1. Know your immediate family history.  Shane and I both did not grow up with one of our biological parents so ALL of the questions pertaining to them, we answered to the best of our ability.  Some we just simply had to say “I don’t know”.
  2.  Gain as much knowledge/information as you can about past marriages (from your parents) as possible.  I had no idea why my parents got divorced, and if they had tried any methods to make it work before choosing that route.
  3. Be open to ANY and EVERYthing.  They ask SO many personal,in-depth questions about you, your spouse, and your relationship (even about your sex life and if you are satisfied with it), so be sure to communicate with each other prior to having that discussion with someone you don’t even know.
  4. Make sure you are on the same page about discipline/punishment.  We have always been on the same page about time-outs with Brielle and talking to her, but they want to make SURE that you don’t spank your child, nor will you ever spank the foster/adoptive child.
  5. Make sure your dining room table is cleaned off, because THAT’s where we had to conduct the interview in for 3 hours.. not the comfortable couches we have that’s maybe a good 20 feet from that.  She writes down a lot.
  6. Speaking of writing things down, make sure you are comfortable okay with being recorded, and anything you say, can be used during the study.
  7. Since our daughter is only 2, she did not have to interview her personally, but she did observe her to make sure she was healthy, and interactive and appropriate for her age.
  8. Speaking of your kids.. find a babysitter/caregiver to help you take care of them during the 3-4 hour interview, because your entire focus has to be on answering the questions correctly and appropriately.
  9. Dress comfortably.  I usually dress up a little for home visits/etc when it comes to this process to look more presentable, but I knew we were going to be sitting for a long time, and that wouldn’t be necessary.
  10. Last but not least, empty your bladder PRIOR to the home study visit. Shane and I both did have water with us, to sip on during the process (because you do a lot of talking), but we didn’t get up once from the table.

**Remember to relax, be calm as much as possible, and just be yourself.  That will shine further than any awkward question they may ask you.

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2 thoughts on “10 tips for your home study

  1. Wow, that is really in depth. I didn’t realize how much of a “process” it is.
    My mom adopted me when I was two months old. I am so grateful for her.
    Hang in there honey. Praying for you all. 🙂

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