Hey there, Friday!

I can’t believe this week has hit Friday already! It just felt like on Monday that I was getting my wisdom teeth removed..crazy!

So I guess that little remark leads into my crazy week (and even crazier weekend coming up!)

  1. This past Monday, as I am sure you all know who have been keeping up with my blog.. I got my wisdom teeth removed, and I am feeling pretty great.. besides the occasion swelling/pain that I get from either talking to much, or accidentally hitting/touching my mouth too hard.. oh yeah AND I have food stuck in one of my pockets.. ugh! (I have literally tried everything to get it out!!)
  2. I did a CRAZY intense workout Monday morning prior to my surgery and I am still sore and did not step FOOT into the gym for the rest of the week.. oh and I have also not reached 10,000+ steps since Monday…fail.
  3. I had to schedule our home study for this Saturday, like as in two days, and I feel so stressed/unprepared for what they might ask.. They said an average home study takes about 4 hours.. AHH!! Please pray for us, if we get that complete, then we only have 1 major thing to check off the list (the environmental health checklist) and then we are going to be READY to foster/adopt.. so close yet SO far away!
  4.  Speaking of Saturday… we are celebrating our “dating” anniversary of 11 years!  We are going to dinner and a movie Friday night to celebrate since Saturday will be so busy/stressful for us.  I cannot believe we have made it 11 years, and still going strong! I feel like we have been through so much in the past few years, that of course letting go of each other might have looked like the easier way out, but coming together, stronger than ever, was definitely the right thing to do.  We are so blessed and continually ask God for strength, guidance, trust, and faith to get us through our marriage.
  5. I went back to work Wednesday at the gym (child care) and Thursday/today working 8+ hour days, and man was it exhausting! I think I probably should have been recovering at home, eating ice cream all week with Brielle and relaxing/enjoying life, but truthfully, I feel like the way to get better, is almost to never fully take a “break”.  I probably would have gotten comfortable taking pain meds, and just worrying about myself, but I feel good working and just to keep moving.

I hope everyone had a great week! And hopefully get to enjoy/relax this weekend (unlike my very eventful one!) 🙂

I’m linking up with Karli, who blogs over at September Farm, so head on over to her blog to join the link up party!

Happy FRIDAY!! ❤

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