Hey Hey, It’s Friday!!

Well, to say that I am happy that this week is coming to an end, is an understatement! It’s been an emotional, overwhelming week with a LOT going on, so I will just post 5 things that have happened this week!

  • This Monday-Thursday was our first week of training to become foster/adoptive parents! It involved 3+ total hours of driving daily, and around 3+ hours of class. We also somehow got a LOT checked off of our “to do list” that you can find here.  We still have to drive to Austin today to get our First Aid training so that is another day spent on the road, but we are both ready and willing to get another done that is required for this process out of the way now, rather then wait until the end!
    We still have an 8 hour class to complete before our first week of training comes to a complete end, but we are close enough! 🙂
  • I decided to start a 5 day challenge, with my friend, and BeachBody Coach Kaci Martinez which you can find her fb here. She offered a free 5 day meal planning with a full grocery list included, to help us jumpstart our journey towards leading a healthier lifestyle.  I struggled a lot with preparing meals on time, because most of the afternoon/night was spent in class or driving.  It was a great experience and I am SO glad I did it! On top of that, I lost 5+ pounds during this very stressful week which leads me to the next topic!  I learned to spend more time on ME and feeding my body right, which I would have usually ate out a lot while having to drive so much, so thank you Kaci!
  • I am back at the gym(YAY!!) and they ALSO started an 8 week weight loss challenge this Monday, so that encouraged me this week when I just didn’t feel like I could prepare another meal (cook, clean, and wash dishes) with very little time!  We weigh-in once a week, and the winner wins a great prize, so I am aiming for the prize! Speaking of motivation, if you want to find some inspiring people/workouts check out Body Compass Discovery on fb, or fitness blender!
  • Brielle went to one of my best friends (Caitlin) house for 3 days and she watched her for around 6+ hours for us, and that was our first EVER experience with dropping her off and leaving her with a friend, and not a family member.  Caitlin is a Godsend angel, with her 4 kids already, she willingly said Brielle would not be a problem, and I am SO thankful for our friendship and love we have for each other and our kids.
  • We just started a class last Sunday at our church as well, that allows Shane and I to take a look into our marriage, and discuss challenges/difficulties that we may endure/experience with other married couples!  We have never done this, and just that one session so far, has opened so many conversations that each of us have never thought to discuss.  I am so thankful that God is filling my cup full and showing me that I can endure ALL things through Christ our Lord, and to always remember to put Him first in our life and our marriage.

I hope you ALL have a great Friday, and I am SO looking forward to see what next brings!

Oh and also remind me to NOT start everything at all once next time, haha!

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