To buy..what and where?


When Shane and I first started our home-buying process last August, we didn’t know where to start.  We finally had enough money in our savings to get started and weren’t quite sure what all of our options were.

Once we started looking at houses in and around our area, we were just never really “satisfied” with all that some had to offer.  Some had enough space (but did not use it well) and other houses had a great backyard with a tiny house (with not a lot of square footage). We weren’t finding what we wanted, in the price range that we wanted, so we started to look at other options that didn’t involve buying a house in town, with a lot of neighbors.

Shane’s Dad has a lot of family land, that he has always talked about how cool it would be if one of his kids put a house on some of the acres.  Well, to tell you the truth, we  never considered purchasing a mobile home only a few times, if any at all, so we really didn’t know what all was involved in literally starting from scratch on an empty piece of land.

The more we started looking around/research/talk about building a house, the more it started to look like it required more and more money.  All in all, they wanted about 12,000 just to have in our bank account, to put down before getting started in the building process, with a lot of extra money needed to cover other expenses as well. Well, that thought definitely went out the window, just about as quickly as it came in, and we were left feeling like the only option we really had, was to buy a mobile home.

We quickly knew there had to be a LOT of work to even think about putting a house on the land. This land had never been lived on, and we would drive through it on the 4 wheeler, but never actually spent time or work on the land.

We decided to just start researching companies in and around our surrounding area, asking friends and family who they used, and just overall wanted to work with a great, trust-worthy company in the beginning, the first time around, to prevent more mistakes/problems from happening.

We both agreed to pray about it, and then just go check out Clayton Homes in Seguin, Texas, to see what all they had to offer and check out some of the sample houses(I would go first with Brielle, since Shane couldn’t take off work) and then agreed that the next time he would definitely go with me.

Let’s just say walking through those tall, black framed glass doors, was the day our lives forever changed..


To be continued..

Images by Manufactured Homes and Buyerlink

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