Encouraging Connected sibling relationships

In section 13, Sara talks about how we should always be encouraging connected sibling relationships.

Since most people would think Brielle is a single child and doesn’t have any siblings, it’s not true.  She has a brother and a sister, they are just in heaven.  She got to actually feel her sister, hold her, kiss her, make precious memories with her, and that’s what we want her to remember.

We encourage conversation about both of her siblings all the time, and every day we talk about how she is feeling, or if she ever thinks about them, or wants to ask me  or Shane any questions about them.  I know she is two, but she has been through a lot, and actually understands way more than just your typical two year old.

One of my favorite things that she does is randomly she will look up in Heaven and say “I love you Lamar, I love you Rochelle” and just smile, and it’s in those moments that my heart just melt and it shows me, as a parent, that I am doing the right thing by never closing that door to them.  That is her way of expressing her love, and I will encourage her to do so, and when she gets older, she can express it through art and other forms.

We don’t know what our future will hold as far as having more children, but I do know that the siblings that Brielle has, mean the world to her, and we will encourage their connection and relationships to grow deeper as she gets older.


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4 thoughts on “Encouraging Connected sibling relationships

  1. Brielle even used to have conversations and arguments with angel Rochelle. I’m so glad that she still feels their presence.


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