Oh Happy Day!

Let’s just say that this day was definitely a success, and I am so glad that even though it feels like moving mountains to be able to do this, we are going to continue our family day in Rochelle’s honor!

We decided to spend the day at the Thinkery (Children’s Museum in Austin, Texas) and it was such a beautiful day for the kids to play at the playground right across from the museum, and the added bonus when we  walked over to the food trucks and ate at Stonehouse Wood Fire Grill and had the most uhhh-mazing burgers and fries!  Family time is so important and so precious!! 🙂

©2016 Sheridan Johnson @Journey with the Johnsons. All Rights Reserved.


5 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

    1. Thank you!! Doesn’t it feel so overwhelming during the process of trying to make it happen, and then when it does happen and it turns out fine, you ask yourself why you worried so much to begin with…? Happens every time to me 🙂

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