Adventures in Nana-Land

If you talked to my daughter for a few minutes, you would quickly find out how much she loves her Nana AND her Papa! She has so much love and admiration for them both, that Shane and I have never had to worry about her, when she is with them!

Every time they take her for the day/overnight, they find somehow/someway to take her to do something fun.  Whether it’s going out to eat breakfast, go swimming, take her to the library, or find something fun in the surrounding cities that would be new and exciting for her!

Just in these last two weeks, they have had quite the good time with her, so I wanted to post some of their latest adventures, on here! Enjoy!

Playing Connect Four
Exploring the Dino Park with Aunt Sylvia
T-Rex, RAWR!
Fun with Nana!
Loved riding in and pushing around the wagon!
Picking out a book to read
Story time at the San Marcos Library
Park fun!! This is definitely something that speaks straight to her heart! 
She got Aunt Sylvia to put make-up on her for first time, HA! Silly girl!

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